Subsidies for Dutch businesses in Kosovo

subsidies kosovo

Are you a Dutch entrepreneur or business and looking for subsidies or finance to do business in Kosovo? Read our overview of different options for companies from the Netherlands. All of them are executed by Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

DHI: subsidy scheme for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and investment preparation projects
DHI focuses on SMEs from the Netherlands with international ambitions and an interest in emerging markets like Kosovo. There are three modules: demonstration projects, feasibility studies, and investment preparation projects. [more information]

DGGF: Dutch Good Growth Fund
The DGGF provides Dutch SMEs doing business in Kosovo with customised financing. Do you want to invest in this country, but have trouble getting the necessary financing? [more information]

SDGP: Sustainable Development Goals Partnership
The SDG Partnership facility aims to help achieve the sustainable development goals in developing countries, like Kosovo. For example focused on ‘decent jobs and economic growth’. [more information]

DRIVE: Development Related Infrastructure Investment Vehicle
This support facilitates investments in infrastructural projects that contribute towards a good business climate and entrepreneurship in sectors like water, climate, food security, and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Public infrastructure projects that have a high development relevance in other sectors also can apply for DRIVE support. [more information]

FBK: Fund against Child Labour
Do you want to take active steps to tackle child labour within your production chain? Then you can apply for a subsidy from the Fund against Child Labour (FBK) subsidy programme. [more information]

SIB: Starters International Business
If your Dutch company wants to take a step to sell its products in Kosovo, the Starters International Business might help. Three different SIB vouchers can help you with your plans to take your business abroad. [more information]